This little Mod adds two Campfire types to Minecraft. 1.With this Campfire you can burn Items in two burning slots, like in a furnace.You can only burn food and wooden stuff in it. Ores can’t be burn! You can also start this Campfire if you right-click on it with Flint and Steel. 2.This Campfire Type

Campfire Mod

This small Mod provides two Campfire varieties to Minecraft.

1. With this particular Campfire it is possible to burn Products in two burning slot machine games, like in a furnace.It is possible to just burn food and wooden stuff inside it. Ores cant end up being burn! You can even begin this Campfire in the event that you right-click onto it with Flint and Metal.

2. This Campfire Type is definitely active, nevertheless, you cant burn Products in it.


Campfire Mod

Campfire Mod

Tested recipes:

Set up:

Installation Instruction for Customer:

  • Download the most recent edition of the Campfire Mod and of Minecraft Forge
  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Put the Campfire Mod zip archive in the mods-folder of you .minecraft folder
  • Begin Minecraft und benefit from the mod!

Set up Instruction for Server:

  • You will need a minecraft server with Minecraft Forge
  • Download the most recent Edition of the Campfire Mod
  • Put the Campfire Mod zip archive in the mods-folder of the server directory
  • Begin the Server and sign up for the server and revel in the mod



  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.6.2

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