What is Building Blocks Mod Maker (BBMM)?How to install Building Blocks Mod Maker: Building Blocks Mod Maker Download Links What is Building Blocks Mod Maker (BBMM)? This is for those that wish to make mods without having to take the time to decompile Minecraft and make a mod from the ground up. Say you want

Building Blocks Mod Maker

What's BLOCKS Mod Maker (BBMM)?

This is for all those that desire to make mods without needing to take time to decompile Minecraft and create a mod from the bottom up. Say you need to then add new ore, tools, custom made recipes and smelting. Why discover the particular mod youre searching for or waste a couple of hours developing it once you could simply write an instant text file to accomplish everything for you personally!

How exactly to install BLOCKS Mod Maker:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download BLOCKS Mod Maker
  • Fall the BBMM mod .zip file in to the mods folder inside your .minecraft directory
  • Either load the overall game and exit or develop a folder in .minecraft titled bbmm (each one will continue to work)
  • You should will have successfully installed the inspiration Mod Maker, so continue reading for usage instructions


  • To make this post appearance tidy, all usage instructions will undoubtedly be in the README for several potential future since theyre practically exactly the same.
  • Note: No matter what purchase your put your development calls in the file, they're loaded progressively in the correct order. If you put something call, a texture call, and another item contact, the calls will undoubtedly be loaded correctly upon run period, so it won't matter unless youre simply attempting to keep your telephone calls jointly for organizational purposes. Today, once you load Minecraft, your brand-new blocks and items ought to be created and obtainable in the respective create tabs.
  • Because of the way products are determined, the IDs are usually shifted by 256 once they are usually declared. If one had been to create something with BBMM with the ID 5000, the things ID is actually 5256.

More info:

  • Study readme.txt file include download file



  • Fixed audio manager bug

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



Other Variations:

Present Spoiler

For Minecraft 1.5.1



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