About:Information:Video:Items and Crafting Recipes:Mod Download Links About: Bosscraft 2 is the updated version of the classic Bosscraft (discontinued in 1.3.2) with new Boss AI new Items and SMP suppurt. Bosscraft is a Minecraft Modification that adds in 6 new Monsters and 5 new Bosses into your Minecraft world. By killing the normal Monsters, that spawn

BossCraft 2 Mod


Bosscraft 2 may be the updated edition of the traditional Bosscraft (discontinued in 1.3.2) with new Boss AI new Products and SMP suppurt.

Bosscraft is really a Minecraft Modification that provides in 6 fresh Monsters and 5 brand-new Bosses into your Minecraft planet. By killing the standard Monsters, that spawn in various Biomes you obtain Orbs which you can use to spawn each Biome Boss. To summon a Boss you will need 20 orbs (for instance 20 Forest Orbs) and a Scroll which can be crafted.

Incomparable extremely difficult and harmful Boss Battles!


Scorpions spawn in deserts and also have the capability to poison you. They often times spawn in groups making them pretty harmful for dropped adventurers. They fall Desert Orbs on loss of life.

Rogues are available in Plains and Forest biomes. They're quick and deadly and frequently attack in groups. Additionally, there are Rogues that learn how to use a bow therefore killing them alone may be hard.

Creepy Blocks that may be within Mountain Biomes are really dangerous. When they property they create an explosion that may kill you instantly! Avoid these guys if you don't have some type of ranged weapon to combat them.

Look out for Fire Warrios as soon as you entered the Nether. This business spawn usually only but sometimes they synergy on you and obtain extremely dangerous!

During the night things get a lot more creepier. You can find Wraiths that follow you. They are able to offer you wither potion results and disappear once you attack them.

Each Boss fight is exclusive and you require a special technique to kill them. Total Diamond armor is preferred.

Each Boss has some Special episodes which can be pretty harmful if youre not cautious.

Some Bosses spawn Minions to greatly help them.

Each Boss includes a 100% possiblity to drop a particular weapon. Each one of these weapons possess different abilities and advantages.

You can even make use of the weapons of every Boss to produce a certain Soul which has unbelievable powers as soon as you activate it. But in the event that you dont deactivate it, the Soul will become a lot more unstable and lastly kills you

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Items and Crafting Tested recipes:

Heres a listing of important Products in the Mod

They are Scrolls which you can use to summon a Boss. By rightclicking it consumes an Orb and after 20 Orbs itll split an discharge the Boss.

They are the Orbs which are ingested by the Scrolls. You obtain them from eliminating the standard Biome Monsters

The Fire Sword will be dropped by the Nether Boss and models Monsters burning.

The Midnight Scythe can heal you in the event that you rightclick it. You should strike a Mob 20 times and soon you can heal once again.

The Desert Employees shoots fire bullets when rightclicked. They place Monsters burning and create fire on surface.

The Rogue Dagger can summon the arrow Rainfall when rightclicked.

The Sky Hammer launches Monsters in the atmosphere when attacked.

Souls could be activated when theyre rightclicked and will be deactivated exactly the same way.

The Soul of Lightness enables you to jump extremely higher and enables you to fall gradually on the floor.

The Soul of Power offers you Strength III increase

The Soul of Swiftness offers you Speed III Increase

The Soul of Fire enables you to immune to Fire

The soul of the Undead spawns lightning throughout you killing everything close by.

Mountain Scroll

Desert Scroll

Darkness Scroll

Fire Scroll

Forest Scroll

Soul of Swiftness

Soul of Strength

Soul of Lightness

Soul of Fire

Soul of the Undead

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.



  • Up-to-date to at least one 1.6.4
  • Little Bugfix

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2





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