Wrote a book with 40 pages of text? Want to delete the first? Want to copy the book? Want to save it to your disk and use it later? Want to swap pages? Want to copy books from one server to another? Want to copy a long, long text into a book? Features: Copy pages

Bookz Mod

Wrote a book with 40 webpages of text? Desire to delete the very first? Desire to copy the guide? Want to conserve it to your disk and utilize it later? Desire to swap pages? Desire to copy books in one server to another? Desire to copy an extended, long text right into a book?


  • Copy pages or publications : It is possible to copy and paste individual pages, many web pages or whole textbooks! One click to duplicate, one click on to paste! (Also cross-world!)
  • Make use of advanced modifying : Delete single or several pages with several clicks, move pages, put in pages at any place or clear a full page.
  • Save your valuable creations : It is possible to save pages or publications to your disk so that you can utilize them later.
  • Convert pure textual content to textbooks : Develop a text record, save it to your disk and create a book from it!


Bookz Mod

Bookz Mod

Auto-sign & Auto-paste:

  • Indeed, the mod is excellent, but it nevertheless takes time to open a publication, duplicate it, paste it, indication it.
  • Auto-indication will sign every reserve you open with exactly the same title (kind the name in the text industry below that switch). It uses the existing signature (screen it with Printing sig). Notice above to learn how exactly to create faked signatures. Enable auto-indication by clicking the Car sign button. So long as you open up unsigned publications Bookz will indication them. You cannot change this content of signed textbooks! To disable auto-sign either open up a signed guide (which can't be auto-signed) and click Car sign once again, or sneak whilst starting a publication. Yes, sneaking indicates no car signing!
  • Auto-paste could be enabled much like auto-sign, just click Car paste. You disable it how you would disable auto-indication (needless to say you have to utilize the Auto paste key). As soon as enabled every unsigned publications content will undoubtedly be changed to the most recent articles you copied.
    In the event that you enable both functions, the content will very first be pasted, and the book will undoubtedly be signed! gong7deng gong8deng gong0deng gong3deng Saving / loading textbooks: gong4deng gong2deng gong5deng gong6deng Keeping a complete book: Open the reserve, enter a title at the left aspect (below Conserve clipboard) and press Conserve book. gong7deng gong6deng Keeping the copied web pages: Open a reserve, enter a title for the document (eg Minecraft) at the still left side (below Conserve clipboard) and press Conserve clipboard. gong7deng gong6deng Loading a reserve or web pages: Open a reserve, enter the file title you saved the web pages / reserve as (eg Minecraft) and click on Load. If no mistake message shows up in the chat now you can paste it as you'll paste regular pages (push the Paste key for instance). Load key disabled? This means there is absolutely no publication with that name stored to your disk. You will find all saved publications under .minecraft > textbooks.

Create books from Textual content documents:

Present Spoiler Bookz includes a device called TXT2MCBZ. It functions for several platforms but I'll explain it for home windows only.
Creating a guide is simple: Copy the particular folder TXT2MCBZ someplace (for instance, your desktop). Develop a fresh folder inside TXT2MCBZ. Give it a straightforward, short name. Go in to the folder and develop a text document. Call it web page0.txt. That is your first web page. Open it together with your favorite textual content editor and paste / create text. Create as much pages as you need (page1.txt, web page2.txt). (The tool actually accepts other names, however the names must support the page number (beginning with 0). You can name the documents foo0bar.txt, bar1foo.txt, abc2def.txt.) To create the book get back to TXT2MCBZ. Drag the folder you developed over convert (or transform.bat) and drop this. A black window should come up. If no mistakes are displayed you push any key to near it. It'll generate a file close to your folder. (If your folder has been mypets, the document is mypets.mcbz). Duplicate this document to %appdata% > .minecraft > publications (where your other textbooks are usually saved). Open a reserve in minecraft, and stick to the directions to load the guide.

It is possible to download a demo right here . It contains different files and folders. Copy all files (.mcbz) into .minecraft > publications and load ColourSpace1 around ColourSpace6 into textbooks.

Bookz 0.9.8 introduces an excellent little device: BookzConverter . It really is still beta, therefore please show patience. It understands the next two book platforms. It converts MCBZ to HRBZ and vice-versa, simply drop a document over BookzConverter.bat .
MCBZ (MineCraft BookZ): Popular (kinda binary) publication format utilized by Bookz mod. You'll most likely switch HRBZ to MCBZ.
HRBZ (Individual Readable BookZ): Right here comes the true beauty. Understand this example:

// It is a comment. Nothing at all before end of the range will be contained in the created book. �lTitle of my publication�r Subtitle of my good little book // There exists a page crack on the next range. Everything after it continues on the next page. >>> That is page 2 of my book. I could write �4whatever�r I'd like! Great, isn't it? Line breaks will undoubtedly be contained in the resulting publication. They are not similar thing as web page breaks (>>>). Incidentally, that one had not been a full page break, because web page breaks must be by themselves line. /* Now, that is another comment. � �It is soooo lengthy, it goes across several lines. � �But don't be concerned, it won't be contained in your book. */ The written text continues here... >>> This is actually the last page of my book. Thanks a lot for reading it! �lTHE Finish�r

This is instance is self-explanatory. Therefore, what now ? with this HRBZ document?

  • Conserve the written text (in HRBZ format) to a document and contact it .hrbz or even .txt
  • Drag the document over BookzConverter.bat
  • If there have been no errors, a fresh file was made: .mcbz
  • Copy that document to your minecraft publications folder (%appdata%\.minecraft\textbooks)
  • Load it with Bookz normally as you need!

You can even convert MCBZ data files to HRBZ documents with this particular little tool. I want to give another illustration:

  • Save a reserve you wrote in-video game.
  • Drag the MCBZ document over BookzConverter.bat
  • You now have got a readable and editable HRBZ document (thats plain text, move and edit it)
  • You may make adjustments to the HRBZ document, change it to MCBZ once again and load it with Bookz!

How exactly to install:

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  • Suitable to at least one 1.6.2
  • Added Car sign tool once again (disabled in prior releases)
  • Cleaned up interface
  • Taken out loading of plain text data files from mod interface (ideally nobody that motley little bit of code)
  • Contains BookzConverter beta-05

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



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