Download Links This mod adds new bird to Minecraft. It includes: Lyrebirds These birds are harmless, but they imitate sounds and can scare you with explosions and monster noises. But they also can be bred with melon seeds and can be cute pets, since each of them has its own collection of sounds. (Tip: They

Birds Mod by Silvercatcher

This mod adds brand-new bird to Minecraft.

It offers:


These birds are harmless, however they imitate sounds and will scare you with explosions and monster sounds.

But they can also become bred with melon seeds and may be cute domestic pets, since all of them provides its own assortment of sounds.

(Suggestion: They will have different noises for living, getting harm and dying!)


They are useful farm pets in savanna biomes.

They fall feathers, leather and meats, and they could be ridden (you will need a saddle, for the present time, but I might change that later on)!

They actually duck, so that you can shoot with bows much better!

But they furthermore defend themselves against monsters and gamers, so do not make sure they are angry.

They rarely fall ostrich eggs, which may be used to breed of dog new ostriches and in addition allow some feathers lying around.

They like loaf of bread, wheat and straw and will end up being healed by feeding them with it.


These birds are dangerous, but so long as you are usually healthy, they may be scared away quickly.

But be mindful if you are weak. They'll sense weakness and make an effort to kill you once you least require it!

They don't do much harm, but their filthy beaks can infect you with poison or weakness.

Also, they want to pick up all meats they find and could loot you clear.


These sweet little birds reside in the cold areas and if you're heartless or hungry good enough to kill them, they're a great way to obtain food, given that they can drop around three bits of wild bird meats. They love seafood!


These little little fellows reside in forests and sing the whole day. You cannot do very much with them, but pay attention and feed them with breadcrumbs.


These birds go on beaches and oceans and may drop fish. They like breadcrumbs and I am hoping to let them capture fish from the sea surface.


These small birds spawn in the night time in dense biomes and generally run away. They're shy creatures and stay away from sunlight, but if you're careful, it is possible to feed them with breadcrumbs or melon seeds or breed of dog them as a foods source with almost any seeds. They sometimes also drop melon parts.

(the mod includes feather consistency variants, but those feathers are usually treated like regular feathers so when you stack them, you merely obtain the first color using one stackthats not just a bug, but a straightforward way to increase textures without making tested recipes complicated,

furthermore, some birds Perform fly, so long as you are not currently standing above their focus on flight height and wait around time)


Birds Mod by Silvercatcher

Birds Mod by Silvercatcher

Birds Mod by Silvercatcher

Mod Showcases:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the mods folder will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • Benefit from the mod.

For Minecraft 1.8




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