This mod adds reverberation effects to different environments and an attenuation mechanic to all blocks. All of this allows for sound-proof rooms, reverberating booms from a hovering ghast, and most importantly: eliminating the ever present moan from that zombie eight solid blocks below you! This mod requires all users to update the lwjgl files installed

Better Sound Mod

This mod adds reverberation results to different conditions and an attenuation mechanic to all or any blocks. All this allows for sound-proof areas, reverberating booms from the hovering ghast, & most importantly: getting rid of the ever existing moan from that zombie eight strong blocks below you!

This mod requires all customers to upgrade the lwjgl documents installed with Minecraft to be able to enable using these audio results

Set up:

  • Update to the most recent LWJGL release or nothing at all will continue to work. (Take note: once these methods are completed they don't have to be repeated when updating BSM or Minecraft unless you utilize the Force Update choice from the launcher).
    • Download the most recent LWJGL release for the operating system
    • Extract/duplicate the contents of the zip document to the bin folder situated in the primary minecraft directory.
  • Download the most recent Better Sound Mod edition zip-file and duplicate all the class data files to Minecraft.jar together with your preferred archive plan.
  • Delete the META-INF folder situated in Minecraft.jar in the event that you havent already done thus.



  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.5

LWJGL Java/Binary Upgrade: Home windows , Linux , Macosx (or at )

For 1.5


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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