Overview:Mod Download Links Overview: The Better Animations Collection mod seeks to enhance the Minecraft experience by reworking some of the in-game creature models to fit more and smoother animations. It aims to add a subtle effect to put a small smile on your face. Unlike some mods, Better Animations does not require any other mods,

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod


THE HIGHER Animations Selection mod seeks to improve the Minecraft encounter by reworking a few of the in-sport creature models to match even more and smoother animations. It aims to include a subtle impact to place a small grin on your encounter. Unlike some mods, Much better Animations will not require any mods, therefore no ModLoader or Forge are essential


Display Spoiler Ghasts, those huge creepy creatures that whine like infants and barf fireballs, yeah those ideas; well that they had an update.
Today introducingagainSquiggly Ghast Tentacles! Among the first functions written because of this mod selection by KodaichiZero, this function eases Ghasts of these stiff tentacles and replaces them with state-of-the-art versatile, yet blocky, types.
Moreover incredible tentacular improvement, Ghasts can also have exact same lengthed tentacles for several you OCD freaks. In the event you never recognized, in vanilla Minecraft (because, truthfully who the Nether would spend their amount of time in Hell looking at a Ghast) Ghasts tentacles won't be the same length (actually they're flipping you off because the tentacle in the centre on their front may be the longest). Well, today everyone who just now pointed out that and can remember that can right now create all Ghast tentacles actually; every tentacle is manufactured equally and deserves exactly the same rights as all the tentacles (what?). You can even set along the tentacles from 0 to 14.
Also, being an extra bonus, you should definitely forced to equal length, Ghast tentacles will undoubtedly be of a little more random length, unlike vanilla Minecraft where tentacle lengths are usually always exactly the same.
WARNING: Usually do not stare inside awe in their new tentacles for too much time or your face can explode.

Poor Wolf:
Present Spoiler Are usually your dogs sick and tired of their dull older tail? Do they desire they might lie down just like a real doggy? Well search no further.
Introducing Doggie+! An improvement to your mans companion, now marketed at a PetSmart in your area. Upgrade your dog today! There are always a multitude of functions for the dogs.
Your dogs is now able to be capable of lie down, in the event that you so please, and can roll over once you tempt them with a bit of sweet, succulent meats.
You may also obtain the wagging tail package in the event you desire your canines to have tails that not appear to be theyre stiff on Viagra.
Tails can be found in two dimensions, fluffy and smooth, and you could have any or many of these for the reduced low payment of $29.99 per month for six months while supplies survive.
Grab your Doggie+ bundle today!
WARNING: Do not contact the wagging tail of your dog that isnt yours. (Youll die.)

Display Spoiler For yr, wild ocelots have try to escape from players, in to the shadows, embarrassed by their damaged bone-looking tail. Now, they'll still runaway, however they will run confidently that their tail looks incredible and majestictheir tail, that's.
WARNING: Do not draw on the majestic tail or even that person will be scratched right into a thousand parts.

Present Spoiler As though slimes werent sweet and adorable enough, today they'll kill you making use of their jiggly awesomeness.
Presenting Wibbly Wobbly Slimey WimeyStuff! Such as a fat man or jelly, every time a slime jumps, everything will jiggle around. The eye, mouth area, and inside will all jiggle independently. Will not influence magma cubes, nevertheless, because they are much less amazing as slimes.
WARNING: Whatever you carry out, dont blink. Blink and you also overlook jiggly goodness.

Magma Cubes:
Display Spoiler Presenting the MagBurger, not just a item knock-off of the McBurger, but a death computer animation for the much less amazing slime cousins. Thats all they deserve, a fairly death.
WARNING: MagBurgers aren't edible in fact it is not recommended that you do eat it since magma cubes aren't as awesome like slimes and can melt that person off.

Kine: (Incidentally, kine can be an archaic plural of cow.)
Present Spoiler Do your understand that theres some weirdo that wants considering cow butts to view their udders swing backwards and forwards. Before he was only a creep; nowhes nevertheless a creep.
Therefore if you like this kind of things there are some options for you: it is possible to modification whether cow udders will swing backwards and forwards, and you may change if they have nipples or not really (pervert).
WARNING: Usually do not stare from cow udders for too much time or your encounter will undoubtedly be photographed and hung inside post offices as the low-user profile criminal.

Display Spoiler Honored because the best computer animation KodaichiZero developed, and motivated by CaptainSparklezs TNT songs video, creepers are actually 46.2% more interesting when revealing their moves.
Creepers have been understanding since BACR v1,0, though. Right now they will have more moves showing off, producing them about 66.667% more interesting and perhaps 3.14159% more hilarious. Not merely can they swing backwards and forwards, but you could make them swing laterally, and also around in a circle. You need to see it to trust it.
WARNING: Creepers usually do not appreciate this when you laugh with them, and they even now wont hug you. Its not really you, its them: theyre not a people individual and not the type of person to stay any sort of connection with

Display Spoiler Spider Knees, Spider Knees,
Does whatever the Spider requirements.
Creeps you away.
Any period.
Filler sentence to produce a rhyme.
Look away!
Right here come the Spider Knees.
WARNING: Will not play catchy theme music.

Display Spoiler Once you agro an enderman for reasons uknown, if they arent keeping a block they will now utilize the many idiotic and stupid-looking assault technique: frantically waving their hands above their head such as a crazed maniac. Have a great time in the Finish with this particular.
Caution: Dont die laughing.

Display Spoiler Since Notch introduced squids, gamers have been thinking about Why?. Well, at this point no more will those boat-consuming kraken end up being stiff and ugly boat-eating kraken but rather versatile and ugly boat-consuming kraken.
WARNING: Usually do not stare within awe on their new tentacles for too much time or your face can drown.

Display Spoiler Sheep kneel if they consume grass.
WARNING: Thats this.

Display Spoiler Therefore Steve, yeah Minecraft Steve, wrote if you ask me stating that his legs harm cos when he fell he previously no knees to split his drop. He said it had been like landing on two sticks. I didnt respond cos this is when Kodaichi was achieving this mod, but Kodaichi provided him knees. Today, his knees bend when strolling, sneaking, riding a boat or perhaps a minecart or perhaps a pigpretty a lot when playing in mere F5 setting.
WellSteve wrote if you ask me personally stating that his knees were excellent and all, but this individual was having trouble scratching his back again without elbows, therefore i gave him elbows.
Then, youll in no way believe this, a lot of Zombies and Zombie Pigmen started arriving at me demanding I provide them with these. These were banging on my doorway moaning ghughughughugh! that is Zombie for Knees!, therefore Zombies and Zombie Pigmen likewise have knees and elbows. Isnt that excellent!? Now they can strike you and scratch their backs with no someone else take action for them. Why else do you consider Zombies hold their hands out before them?
Elbows will certainly bend slightly when keeping and item within your right hands, and are especially a lot more prominent once you walk. Furthermore, sneaking will bend your elbows a little, so if you really feel in the necessity to notice your wenis, simply sneak.
WARNING: Elbows usually do not guarantee you will be in a position to scratch that i'm all over this your back again that you could never achieve.


Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Display Spoiler Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

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  • Code Optimization
    • Restopped annoy() method from running several times
    • Rerefined slime code
    • Made participant rendering and reflection follow exact same system as the remaining creatures
  • Readded hideable features
  • Readded easter eggs (Ghast.Entire body=medusa, User=lazy, Player.Entire body=rayman)
  • Readded capability to make use of on or off
  • Readded versatile chicken wings (Poultry.Wings)
  • Readded real randomization for Ghast tentacles (every ghast differs)
  • Readded something I thought I got before but rather didnt (BACRModelRenderer.course.setHidden())
  • Readded Pig tails (Pig.Tail)
  • Additional safeguards against incompatibilities (if any arise, established the top features of the related creature to 0)
  • Removed right now redundant HasModThatEditsPlayer choice in config
  • Taken out randomized Creeper.RockOut because of issues with setting it up to work

For Minecraft 1.6.4


For Minecraft 1.6.2


For Minecraft 1.5.2



Other Variations:

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For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.5


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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