BerryBush Mod Video:BerryBush Mod Download Links What is this mod? BerryBush mod adds 4 kind of bushes and a new crop ! Bushes drop berries that can be eaten right away and restore little hunger. What are the Bushes and where can I find them ? What is the crop and how can I farm

BerryBush Mod

What's this mod?

BerryBush mod adds 4 sort of bushes and a fresh crop ! Bushes fall berries which can be eaten immediately and restore little food cravings.

Do you know the Bushes and where may i see them ?

Present Spoiler Bushes are usually spawned worldwide ! All you want to do is operate around and ruin them to get their juicy contents.

Bushes Spawn in the overworld on grass or grime, and they usually do not develop ! They can be found in four dimensions, and each dimension drops among four berries.
(more info in area IV :berries)

They grow around the globe ! can you place alll 6 in this snowfall biome?

What's the crop and how do i farm it ?

Display Spoiler Crops develop over time, and when you look close sufficient, you can even view it develop !! LITERALLY !!

The crop could be planted with a Juicy Berry (more information on berries bellow) on a grass or dust block ! All of the crop needs is really a decent quantity of light, and surface to cultivate in ! Berries should be gathered from bushes by harvesting them, and departing the bushes intact. (correct click on to harvest). This can reset the bushes development to 8000 (from 24000 for completely grown)

A little bush-crop takes about 1 day/night routine to totally grow ! This process could be sped up through the use of different types of Fertilizing methods !

  • First & most popular fertilizing technique is Bone Meal. Make use of bonemeal on a crop to create it develop by about 5-10 mere seconds ! Youll require aproximatly a complete stack of bonemeal to cultivate a crop from freshly planted to totally grown.
  • Second method is quite weird, however, not as costly. The 3 blocks beneath the block which the bush grows may be used as Fertilizing space ! Grime, clay and endstone may be used to increase the growth price !

Heres several player developed bushes with harvest prepared berries !

and an extremely cute bush-crop, freshly planted !

For unadventurous gamers

your bush grows on grime/grass

every space filled up with dirt (around 2) will add 0.2 to the growth price (basic growth price is 1.0)

< +0.2
< +0.2

a clayBlock on 3th location (despite having air on areas 1 and 2) will include 0.5

< +0.2 Clay could be coupled with dirt !
< +0.2 Clay could be coupled with dirt !
< +0.5
putting a stone (any kind of rock type block) within the initial available spot can make it develop slower and prevent the chain of examining any blocks

< 0.2

placing endstone on the initial spot will split the chain as well, but will provide you with a whopping growth reward !

< +5.0

Display Spoiler *Side take note: berries will almost certainly possess effects in afterwards versions,example: 2 secs of rate, healing half a center*

These berries will be the major reason the mod was made to begin with ! The berries are created for cranking up survival mod a bit.

They restore little hunger but are available fast and easely across the world, making them small lifestyle savers ! They may be harvested and farmed actually fast, making them an easy source of food ! Just Juicy Berries may be used to plant Bush-Crops !

From still left to correct: Juicy Berry, Lovely Berry, Luscious Berry, Nectarous Berry

All products have tooltips, just a little textual content, and just how much nuggets they heal

  • I 0.5
  • II 1.5
  • III 2
  • IV 3

In the open:

  • Little BerryBush drops Juicy Berry
  • BerryBush drops Fairly sweet Berry
  • Moderate BerryBush drops Luscious Berry
  • Larger BerryBush drops Nectarous Berry

BerryBush Mod Movie:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.




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