Classes: Battle Classes is a multiplayer PVP oriented mod, that fits into default combat system of Minecraft and doesn’t make players overpowered against vanilla enemies. Battle Classes is a newly started combat oriented modification, providing MMORPG classes with their abilites in an improved complexity of combat system. Each class has its own weapon type (for

Battle Classes Mod

Battle Classes is really a multiplayer PVP oriented mod, that matches into default combat program of Minecraft and doesnt create gamers overpowered against vanilla enemies.

Battle Classes is really a newly started fight oriented modification, supplying MMORPG classes making use of their abilites in an enhanced complexity of fight system. Each course has its weapon type (for instance.: Staves for Mages, Broadswords for Warriors etc) which allows the players to utilize their capabilities and spells (detailed explanation below), and in addition 3 tiers of armor sets, those grant reward attributes (such as for example: spellpower, agility etc) to create these spells better.

How exactly to have fun with:

How exactly to pick your high grade? To choose a class you need to interact with a custom made weapon (Broadsword/Long Bow/Staff). After you have a weapon of a course, you have to Right-Click on on the weapon and the it'll immediatly fill up the actionbar at the top of the display screen with spells/abilities of this class. It is possible to change your course at any stage of the overall game by Right-Clicking on on a weapon of an additional class.(Note: Selecting a class gives worldwide cooldown for 8 mere seconds.)

Handles! To regulate your spell actionbar, you may use the same controls because the item motion (mousewheel or amount keys), but very first you should select that. Push key "b" (configurable) to toggle actions bar choice. The slidebar of the chosen actionbar will become yellow so that you can observe which actionbar are you currently controlling.(Alternatively you may use essential "g" and "h" to straight step of progress or backwards on top of the actionbar, even without choosing it.)

Casting a spell/Making use of an ability! When you have picked a course and selected a spell, you merely need to Right-Click on on the weapon of the course and keep it down (such as a bow). A few of the spells/skills are instant many of them have an extended cast time!

Armors and Weapons. Each course has a particular armor required. It is possible to wear whatever you want, however your spells/abilities need a special attribute to create your spells/abilities better, that is various for several of the classes. (That class, what sort of gear requires, start to see the detailed course descriptions below.) Because you can have study before, every course has its weapon type, but you can find even more weapons from each kind.
Important: The higher weapon you're using, the a lot more spells/abilities of one's class you may use!

Cooldowns. A few of the spells/capabilities need a specific amount of time in order to use again. That is known as cooldown. (For more info about cooldowns start to see the complete descriptions of the courses below.)
(Be aware: Choosing/changing to a course gives 8 secs of cooldown for the complete actionbar.)

Role of original fight items. It is possible to still make use of vanilla weapons (swords and the bow) because they not really being modified so that they aren't weapons of any lessons. You may use them anytime you need without changing your course.


Battle Classes Mod

Battle Classes Mod

Battle Classes Mod



Present Spoiler Warriors skills could be accessed by right-clicking on Broadswords (below).Warrior class bonus: Not one, abilities get stronger through the use of Broadswords manufactured from better material.

Warrior capabilities detailed:

Warrior skills are:

  • Mortal Hit

A vicious strike that deals 200% weapon harm.

Use period: 0.5 seconds.

Cooldown: None.

  • Heroic Hit

A weak hit that forces enemy mob to assault the warrior. (Taunts.)

Use period: Instant.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

  • Hamstring

A fragile strike that decreases the enemy for 3 seconds.

Use period: 0.5 second.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

  • Pummel

Pummel the prospective, interrupting spellcasting/weapon making use of and preventing the focus on from any spell/capability being used up for just two 2 seconds, and in addition gives 5 mere seconds of weakness for the mark.

Use period: Instant.

Cooldown: 6 seconds.

  • Charge

Fees the warrior forward giving them a rate burst.

Use period: Instant.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

  • Block

Reduces melee/projectile harm dealt on the warrior while used. (Identical to blocking with vanilla swords.)

Use period: Instant.

Cooldown: None.

Warrior weapons are Broadswords. They're made of the standard materials (Wood, Rock, Iron, Gold, Diamond), however they tend to be more expensive. Warriors capabilities are more powerful when used with an improved Broadsword.Also the higher quality Broadsword the Warrior has, the even more abilities it gets usage of use.

Warrior armor gear tiers will be the authentic Minecraft armors with one add-on. They're: Chainmail, Iron and Gemstone, this implies crafting chainmail armor will get allowed by this mod.Warriors don't get any class reward attribute from armor (,however other classes carry out), armor only provides harm reduction.


Display Spoiler Mage spells could be accessed by right-clicking on Staves (below).

Mage course attribute: Spellpower (Spells strike larger if the mage provides more of this. Could be earned by putting on spellcloth equipment.)

Mage spells detailed.

Dangerous mage spells have 20% possiblity to deal critical harm!
Mage spells are usually:

  • Fireball

Hurls a fireball that triggers 1 + Spellpower / 3 (1-6) magical harm (that bypasses armor) and models the prospective on fire for just two 2 seconds.

Spell cast time: 2 secs.

Cooldown: None.

  • Frostbolt

Launches a bolt of frost, leads to Spellpower / 3 (0-6) magical harm (that bypasses armor) and decreases the mark for 4 mere seconds.

Spell cast time: 1 2nd.

Cooldown: None.

  • Arcane Missiles

Launches 3 Arcane Missile at the enemy over 3 secs, each Arcane Missile leads to Spellpower / 8 (0-2) magical harm (that bypasses armor).

Spell channel time: 3 mere seconds.

Cooldown: None.

  • Polymorph

Transforms the enemy target right into a sheep. (The result can last only 7 secs, preventing the focus on from any strike or spell casting/capability using, also regenerates wellness rapidly and slows down the prospective if it will be a player.) May be used only against gamers or humanoid mobs.

Spell cast time: Quick.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

  • Blink

Teleports the caster 20 blocks forwards, unless something will be in the manner. Also provides opposition for 3 seconds, following the teleportation (that is far better if the mage offers more spellpower).

Spell cast time: Quick.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

  • Iceblock

Summons unbreakable blocks of ice immediately to surround the caster and incarcerate him/her for 7 mere seconds to prevent any reference to the outer planet.

Spell cast time: Quick.

Cooldown: 2 minutes.

You can find 3 Staves for Mages to utilize.The higher quality Staff the Mages has, the even more spells it gets usage of cast.

Mage gears are 3 fabric based armorset, they could be designed out of wool, gold and emeralds.Increased tiers of the clothes give even more spellpower and armor.


Present Spoiler Hunter skills could be accessed by right-clicking on Very long Bows (below).

Hunter course attribute: Agility (Skills are more powerful if the Hunter provides more agility, also decreases Longer Bows drawback time! Could be earned by putting on leather armor parts.)

Hunter capabilities detailed.

Hunter skills are:
(General drawback time = 1.5 seconds (hunters agility)/10 seconds)

  • Shoot

Shoots an individual arrows, which deals even more harm if the bow will be drawn back again more.

Down side time: General drawback period (notice above).

Cooldown: None.

  • Viper sting

Immediately shoots an arrow which poisons the mark dealing the harm of a standard arrow hit, in addition to the harm of the poison as time passes. The poison impact lasts 1 2nd + agility * 0.6 secs.

Down side time: Instant.

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

  • Explosive chance

Shoots an explosive arrow. (The explosion will undoubtedly be bigger because the hunter has even more agility.)

(Notice: This explosion doesnt destroy blocks or generate fire.)

Down side time: General drawback period (discover above).

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

  • Multi photo

Shoots 3 arrows simultaneously in horizontaly spreaded instructions.

Down side time: General drawback period (find above).

Cooldown: 6 seconds.

  • Disengage

The hunter tries to disengage from fight, leaping backwards. Can only just be used while sitting on the bottom. (The jump will undoubtedly be bigger because the hunter has even more agility. Zero agility indicates no leap.)

Down side time: Instant.

Cooldown: 25 seconds.

  • Summon/Dismiss pet

Summons or dismisses the hunters wolf. The wolf has 20 + (hunters agility) * 1 wellness points, offers 4 + (hunters agility) / 5 damage, and runs quicker because the hunter has even more agility. If the wolf dies, it could not really be summoned for just two 2 minutes.

Down side time: Instant.

Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Hunter weapons are usually Long Bows. Long Bows have got an extended drawback time, nonetheless it can be decreased insurance firms more agility.The higher quality Long Bow the Hunter has, the even more abilities it gets usage of use.

Hunter equipment tiers are 3 natural leather based armorsets, they may be designed out of buckskin, chain, iron and emeralds.Higher tiers of the leather pieces provide even more agility and armor. (The initial tier of hunter fixed is the leather arranged from vanilla Minecraft.)

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the mods folder will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • Benefit from the mod.

For Minecraft 1.5.2





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