What’s found in this seed:Seed Co-ordinates: This seed contains a fantastic spawn as you have an NPC Village & Desert Temple directly at Spawn! The Village and Temple both contain Diamonds and more awesome loot! You also have a second village with a Blacksmith as well as super rare biomes such as the; Ice Spikes

Awesome Spawn Seed

This seed includes a amazing spawn as you possess an NPC Village & Desert Temple straight at Spawn! The Village and Temple both include Diamonds and much more awesome loot! You might also need another village with a Blacksmith along with super rare biomes like the; Ice Spikes Plains Biome, Mesa Biome & Mushroom Biome! Finally to fill up the seed you've got a Stronghold w/Finish Portal & plenty of chests w/Diamonds and much more.

Whats within this seed:

  • A Desert NPC Village at Spawn (Contains Diamonds & Obsidian)
  • A Desert Temple at Spawn (Contains Diamonds & Even more)
  • Massive Mesa Biome
  • Ice Spikes Plains Biome
  • Mushroom Biome
  • Stronghold w/Finish Portal

Seed Co-ordinates:

NPC Village at Spawn w/Diamonds & Obsidian:

  • x: (81) y: (66) z: (112)

Desert Temple at Spawn w/Diamonds:

  • x: (122) y: (65) z: (231)

2nd NPC Village w/Blacksmith:

  • x: (336) y: (65) z: (-303)

Mesa Biome:

  • x: (1915) y: (69) z: (-1778)

Ice Spikes Plains Biome:

  • x: (1623) y: (74) z: (3414)

Mushroom Biome:

  • x: (4027) y: (78) z: (-2288)


  • x: (580) y: (50) x: (-444)

Stronghold w/Finish Portal:

  • x: (350) y: (71) z: (-590)

Seed ID: -374998610208807994


AcmaTvirus AcmaTvirus
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