Automatic Wheat Farmer automatically plants wheat seeds in nearby empty farmland.  Optionally it can also automatically harvest nearby (ripe) wheat. Enable it by pressing P for Plant menu.  If you have seeds in your item bar, when you approach farmland they will be planted.  Harvesting only works if planting is enabled (to prevent griefing).  You

Automatic Wheat Farmer Mod

Automatic Wheat Farmer automatically plant life wheat seeds in close by empty farmland.� Optionally additionally, it may automatically harvest close by (ripe) wheat.

Enable it by pushing P for Plant menus.� For those who have seeds inside your item bar, once you approach farmland they'll be planted.� Harvesting just functions if planting is allowed (to avoid griefing).� It is possible to only harvest if you are established to plant, and also have seeds available.


Automatic Wheat Farmer Mod

Seeds immediately planted on close by farmland

Automatic Wheat Farmer Mod

Planting menus

This functions in singleplayer and multiplayer

Set up:

  • Download and install Modloader or Minecraft Forge
  • Then place the zip in your .minecraft/mods folder (create the folder if it doesnt can be found)

For Minecraft 1.6.2


For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1



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