About this mod:Mod Screenshots:Download Links About this mod: Atomicraft is all about atoms. In the mod there is an atom for every element of the periodic table. Each atom also has information in its tooltip such as atomic number, atomic mass, and if you hold shift you can access information such as: What group it

Atomicraft Mod

Concerning this mod:

Atomicraft is focused on atoms. In the mod there's an atom for each component of the periodic desk. Each atom also offers info in its tooltip such as for example atomic number, atomic bulk, and when you hold shift it is possible to access details such as for example:

  • What group it really is in
  • AMOUNT OF Protons
  • AMOUNT OF Neutrons
  • AMOUNT OF Electrons

You can find currently 2 devices in the mod, the atomic centrifuge and the atomic sieve. These versions dont rotate properly however but can do in a afterwards edition. The atomic sieve isnt useful in the initial version. The objective of these machines is to extract specific atoms from certain products or blocks like the centrifuge, which, when driven can change an iron ingot into an iron atom.

Mod Screenshots:

The atomic centrifuge and the atomic sieve!

Atomicraft Mod

The gui for the atomic centrifuge (Red is redstone (energy) input, blue is product input and natural is atom result)

Atomicraft Mod

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.




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