Ars Magica is a trademark of Atlas Games, used with permission. Any spell names and other material adapted from the Ars Magica fantasy roleplaying game are used with permission Features: Over 70 unique and highly scripted spells that change the way you play the game. A completely new and unique power system, called Essence A

Ars Magica Mod
Ars Magica is really a trademark of Atlas Video games, used with authorization. Any spell names along with other materials adapted from the Ars Magica fantasy roleplaying video game are used with authorization


  • Over 70 unique and extremely scripted spells that transformation how you play the overall game.
  • A totally new and unique strength system, known as Essence
  • A method to convert products into others predicated on their essence ideals
  • A whole magic level up program
  • Full SMP Help
  • 1.5.1 compatibility
  • A fresh flying Pathfinding motor that supports long variety pathing
  • New special mobs
  • Structure Era
  • A concentrate on teamwork and exploration
  • Quests!
  • Four complete new pieces of armor
  • An armor program called Infusion
  • A fresh animated particle program that uses advanced movement controllers to take a lot of the large lifting out of earning particles do cool items. It'll be released being an API down the road.
  • Various spell types: Self, Focus on, Contact, Block, Cone, AoE, Channeled, and Summon
  • Several brand-new AI duties and behaviours


Spells are the core of the mod. There is a sophisticated yet intuitive approach to obtaining spells, but initial you will have to understand the recipe of the spell.

Spell Recipes are comprised of runes. Blank runes are manufactured by a specific design of cobblestone, and given colour with a dye.

Ars Magica Mod

Through the use of an Inscription Table, it is possible to combine a specific mix of runes and a spell scroll to really get your spell.

Ars Magica Mod

Ars Magica Mod

When you have your spell, it is possible to cast it utilizing the item so long as you have mana.

With 70 spells, your inventory would obtain actually cluttered, really fast. Never to worry! It is possible to create Spell Textbooks to carry your spells! Keeping LSHIFT and right clicking on with a spell reserve will open its stock. You can location both spell scrolls and spell dishes in the guide. The left web page is for energetic spells, which may be cycled through making use of Z or X on your own keyboard, and the proper page is really a reserve for extra spells. They cannot become cycled through; it really is simply for storage.

Ars Magica Mod

Ars Magica Mod

Spell books could be dyed other shades using regular dyes.

Spell Recipes/World Era

Ill post some of the recipes right here, to get you began, but among the whole factors of the quality recipes is you'll want to go out and discover them!

To begin with:
Dig: Orange, Crimson, Yellow, Dark
Arcane Bolt: Purple
Fire Bolt: Crimson
Charm: Red, White, Crimson, White, Green, White, Environment friendly, Blue, White

The others are so that you can discover. Ill likely place what the spells are usually on the wiki, along with what they perform, but I wont write-up the recipes. Thats fifty percent the fun.

Across the world, when using Ars Magica, you will come across Mage Towers at first glance, and Mage Archives underground. While they may be dangerous, the benefits are extremely helpful! In the chests that may be within the towers, you will discover spell recipes, and miracle essences. Essences will undoubtedly be discussed later.

Spell recipes let you know steps to make the spell. The spell scroll itself will let you know a little bit in what it can, and the mana price for mentioned spell.

Levelling Up Your Miracle

You begin at magic degree 1, with 100 mana. To degree up, you will need experience level add up to that of one's magic level. For instance, to improve your magic from degree one to two 2, you have to be experience degree 1. To move from 2-3 3, you should be experience degree 2 (and so forth).

To improve your magic degree, you will have to create an Arcane Empowerment Desk:

Ars Magica Mod

The UI you will notice is:

Ars Magica Mod

The ball in the centre will sparkle if you have enough amounts. Click it to degree up. Mana gain can be an exponential curve, which means that your mana will increase slowly at first, and much more quickly at higher levels. Have a much over 20,000 mana at the later ranges. And yes, you can find spells that consider that much.

Mana will regenerate as time passes, slowly at 1st, and then more rapidly as you get levels. It is possible to create mana potions to obtain a quick increase of mana. Proven below is really a lesser mana potion. You may make more powerful types at a brewing stand.

Ars Magica Mod

Casting Setting

You can find three casting settings in Ars Magica: Diminished, Regular and Augmented.

Diminished is really a weak edition of a spell with a lesser mana price.
Normal may be the standard version of the spell.
Augmented is really a greatly increased edition of the spell. The mana price is many times higher, plus some that even need a reagent in your stock which will be consumed once the spell will be cast! The rewards are worthwhile though.

Reagents are usually essences. Remember I discussed them before? You will find them in towers. They are able to also be made out of the Essence Refiner.

Reagent crafting is really a late game section of Ars Magica, and I'll go into this even more on the Wiki (shortly to be developed).

At the start of the game, it is possible to only make use of Diminished and Regular casting modes. You should discover the Archmage tower, which spawns in a random place in your game entire world, around 10,000 blocks in virtually any path from spawn, to be able to unlock Augmented Casting. When you can create it to the very best, there you will notice the archmage podium. Activate it to understand the secrets of increased magic.

10,000 blocks?!? How am I likely to find that?!?!

try captivating a wisp and notice what goes on. I wouldnt strike them though. They'll mess you up.

The archmage tower can be guarded by a fresh mob known as the Tower Guardian. Think about them as a boss mob. They will have a crazy quantity of health and are usually near impervious to actual physical harm. They shoot magic bolts at you, and may break down wall space to access you if you make an effort to cheap photo them. Personally I would recommend being magic degree 15 at the very least before getting into this quest. Or provide some friends.

Armor/Armor Infusion

Ars Magica features four new units of armor Novice, Journeyman, Expert, and Archmage. The armor will take five periods the damage from episodes as durability harm, but includes a unique way to maintenance itself. While equipped, it'll drain mana from you (gradually at Novice, getting quicker and faster since it goes increased to Archmage). That mana will directly restoration the armor. Putting on a full fit of the armor will grant you a 25% decrease in infusion costs.

The armor does other activities for you aswell, conserve for Novice armor. Each one of these abilities have more powerful because the armor high quality improves around Archmage. Each impact will harm the armor a little when cast. The talents are usually on a cooldown, so that they cant be straight chained.

The chest item will cast regeneration you when your health will be low. 30 2nd cooldown.
The helmet will cast water breathing whenever your breath is low. 30 2nd cooldown.
The leggings will cast water shield you when you are burning or in lava. 30 2nd cooldown.
The boot styles will cast slowfall you if you are going to drop and take damage. 10 2nd cooldown.

Ars Magica armor also offers the unique capacity to reduce magical harm. Standard armors won't.

New Mobs

Ars Magica adds several brand-new hostile and non-hostile mobs.


Ars Magica Mod

  • these creatures will wander around increasing nearby plants. They may be lured with a sapling.


  • These magical creatures fly all over the world, and can perform special activities when charmed.


Ars Magica Mod

  • These wraith-like creatures will be the assassins of the Ars Magica globe. They move at higher speeds and are extremely quiet until attacking. They will have low health insurance and armor though, to allow them to be dispatched rapidly if seen. They'll help out with attacking villages with zombies.

Mana Creeper

Ars Magica Mod

  • These creatures will sneak through to a player and explode (no terrain harm) right into a mana vortex which will grow over time. Gamers within the radius of the vortex could have their mana quickly drained. The vortex will burn off itself out following a few seconds.

Mana Elemental
Ars Magica Mod gong19deng gong3deng gong6deng gong7deng These elementals will shoot bolts of mana at the ball player, draining their mana to heal the elemental. The bolts dont strike very difficult, and the elemental isnt extremely fast, but usually do not underestimate them. gong8deng gong9deng gong0deng gong18deng Drinking water Elemental gong19deng gong3deng gong6deng gong7deng These elementals will shift quickly and drive the ball player around. They offer no damage, however in an organization, the pushes can stack and release you pretty much. Or right into a ravine. Yes, that basically happened certainly to me while screening > .<

Tower Guardian

  • These nasty constructs were constructed by ancient wizards to protect their towers. They fire magic bolts at entities and gamers alike, are nearly immune to physical harm, have high health, regenerate wellness over time, and will break walls to access you. They're a force to end up being reckoned with. They're only within the archmage tower. They're worth a lot of XP to defeat, nevertheless.

Ars Magica Power Common

Im only likely to contact on Ars Magica energy it really requirements a wiki to describe it properly.

Ars Magica power centralizes round the nexus. As soon as you create a nexus, it is possible to throw items involved with it with q. They'll be sucked up and destroyed, being changed into raw essence. Various items contain much more essence predicated on their rarity.

The nexus can shop one million strength. It powers all Ars Magica blocks in a 10 block radius of itself. No type of sight is necessary. This range could be extended making use of essence conduits. Both give a 10 block radius aswell, but will need to have a path back again to the nexus. Which means that by overlapping these radii, it is possible to follow them back again to the nexus. Each block will demand power once per 2nd.

The Feeling Energy spell may be used to check out the essence degree of an Ars Magica block, and also the deficit.

Ars Magica Energy Deficit

Power should be carefully found in Ars Magica in the event that you pump more energy by way of a Conduit than it could handle, it will commence to build-up deficit . If its deficit gets to 1000, it'll explode. You can view how it really is doing, because the crystal in the centre will rotate faster, change to red, and finally start to smoke. It is possible to strength down a conduit through the use of a redstone present to permit its deficit to drain (that will happen normally).

Deficit accumulation and loss could be altered through foci.

Ars Magica Strength Foci

Foci shift how Ars Magica blocks make use of power. Cost foci, for instance, increase the rate a block will cost. They reduce the deficit obtain on a conduit.

Mana foci increase deficit reduction on a conduit. They reduce the essence price of other block functions, like the caster block (casts spells when driven by redstone).

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