Throw out your old bows and arrows, you won’t need them anymore! Arrows Plus overhauls archery in Minecraft. Features: 12 new, rare trees that can be used to create powerful bows and arrows. Each bow and each arrow has its own special effect! Mix and match to see what you get! Old archery system has

Arrows Plus Mod

Get rid of your older bows and arrows, you wont want them any more! Arrows Plus overhauls archery in Minecraft.


  • 12 brand-new, rare trees which you can use to create effective bows and arrows.
  • Each bow and each arrow offers its special effect! Combine and complement to see everything you get!
  • Old archery program has been trashed. Your aim is not any longer ideal and arrows could be suffering from wind. Craft much better bows to counter this!
  • RPG-design woodcutting expertise. You cant decrease and use a effective tree if your degree is too reduced.
  • Arrows are created using iron shards (4 per iron ingot) rather than flint. A lot more convenient.
  • Full SMP/LAN assistance! Install to your PvP server and also have a blast! (Literally, occasionally.)
  • Open supply & fully documented to aid those who desire to make their very own mods.

How exactly to have fun with:

What to know very first
First, understand that regular bows won't shoot Arrows In addition arrows, and Arrows As well as bows won't shoot normal arrows.

You should take up a new world. In the event that you play on a preexisting world, then it might be difficult so that you can discover the trees, which established the top features of the mod in movement.

Needs to play

Arrows Plus adds 12 various trees which spawn seldom in different biomes. Open up the to notice their information.

Aspen Tree. Requires Lvl. 0 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Sea (Islands), Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes. Usually very tall with heavy leaves.

Cottonwood Tree. Requires Lvl. 0 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Sea (Islands), and Swampland biomes. Very green leaves, colourful bark.

Alder Tree. Requires Lvl. 10 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, and Sea biomes (Islands). Light natural results in with gray bark.

Sycamore Tree. Requires Lvl. 20 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Sea (Islands), and Swampland biomes. Usually very high with greenish bark.

Maple Tree. Requires Lvl. 20 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Sea (Islands), Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes. This tree provides two varieties: Hard Maple and Soft Maple . Hard maples wooden is darker and more powerful than gentle maples. Soft maple isn't suggested for crafting arrows or bows.

Gum Tree. Requires Lvl. 30 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, and Sea biomes (Islands). Usually brief. Bark is comparable to birch.

Ash Tree. Requires Lvl. 50 woodcutting. Spawns in Forest, Forest Hills, Sea (Islands), and Swampland biomes.

Beech Tree. Requires Lvl. 60 woodcutting. Spawns in Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes. Clean white bark with vivid leaves.

Hickory Tree. Requires Lvl. 80 woodcutting. Spawns in swampland biome just. Has tough bark and thick results in.

Mahogany Tree. Requires Lvl. 90 woodcutting. Spawns in Swampland, Taiga, Taiga Hills, Ice Plains, and Ice Mountains biomes.

Sypherus Tree. Requires Lvl. 100 woodcutting. Spawns in Jungle biome just. Usually extremely brief.

It is possible to only lower these trees for those who have a higher enough woodcutting degree. You get experience by cutting normal trees or Arrows In addition trees that you can to cut. You obtain more encounter for cutting Arrows As well as trees. You're notified when you're able to cut a fresh tree, nevertheless, you can look at your experience anytime by using the order: /arrowsplus.showxp

Once youve decrease an Arrows Plus tree, head to the crafting desk and create the logs into sticks. From right here, you can either create bows or arrows using them.

To create bows: Utilize the identical recipe as normal Minecraft bows, except, needless to say, replace normal sticks with the sticks youve gotten from the Arrows Plus tree.

To create arrows: Arrows Plus arrows utilize the same form recipe as normal arrows, but they make use of iron shards rather than flint for the arrowhead not to mention Arrows Plus sticks rather than regular sticks.

To craft iron shards, you need to craft a hammer with the next recipe (using normal sticks!):

Location the hammer in a crafting desk having an iron ingot to smash it into iron shards. A hammer can't be damaged, therefore you simply make one. (If you don't lose it)

After youve produced your brand-new weapons

Attempt them out! Be equipped for the new shooting program. It is very not the same as regular Minecraft.

  • You're automatically placed into smooth camera setting for fine-tuning your chance.
  • You will no more zoom in somewhat when drawing the bow string back again.
  • Your crosshair will shake based on how steady your bow will be.
  • As soon as you fire, your arrow could possibly be impacted by wind. You might find it difficult going to remote targets with sluggish arrows. Craft faster types!
  • All bows and arrows have specific attributes that may affect their charge-up period, speed, harm, etc.

Description of Features:

Present Spoiler Bow Results:
Regular Enhancements/Disabilities

  • Lightweight: Quick draw time.
  • Slow Pull: Gradual draw time.
  • Very gradual draw: Quite slow draw period.
  • Very steady: Crosshair won't shake.
  • Steady: Crosshair will shake much less violently.
  • Unstable: Crosshair will shake even more violently.
  • Quite strong string: Arrow will travel considerably faster.
  • Solid string: Arrow will travel quicker.
  • Accurate: Arrow will undoubtedly be less likely to be suffering from wind.

Magical Results

  • Teleportation: You're teleported to the spot that the arrow hits.

Arrow Results:

All upper-level arrows have an all natural small opposition to wind.

Regular Enhancements/Disabilities

  • Light-weight: Travels quicker and an extended distance when photo.
  • Large: Travels slower and a shorter length when shot. Slightly even more proof to wind.
  • Really Accurate: Wind will not influence the arrow.
  • Accurate: Even more proof to wind.
  • Inaccurate: Much less proof to wind.

Magical Results

  • Wither: Focus on is put beneath the aftereffect of Wither.
  • Poison: Focus on is poisoned.
  • Slowness: Focus on is slowed up.
  • Blindness: Focus on is blinded.
  • Knockback: Focus on is knocked back again after becoming struck.
  • Flames: Arrow catches burning.
  • Explosion: Arrow explodes where it lands. It generally does not ruin any blocks.

Positive Special Results

  • Destroy 1 Block: The arrow destroys the block it hits.
  • Block Penetration: The arrow can proceed through several blocks and strike targets on the other hand (with minimal damage).
  • Insta-Strike: Arrow fires very quickly.

Negative Special Results

  • Breaks on armor: Arrow cannot damage somebody wearing armor.
  • Unreliable: Potential for breaking before getting fired.
  • Wind Prone: Potential for being captured by wind and lacking completely.
Now that you can find 12 various kinds of arrows, how can you decide which you need to shoot?

It is possible to equip a collection of arrows by selecting them and perfect clicking them. Your bow will today make use of those arrows until you can find no more, and it will automatically commence to use the most effective arrows (damage-sensible).

If you don't equip arrows, the bow will immediately fire the arrow that will probably the most damage!!!

It is possible to unequip a collection of arrows by ideal simply clicking them again, or best clicking another stack of arrows.

How exactly to install:

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  • Initial beta discharge.




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