AltriaCraft is the spiritual successor to my quasi-famous Swords+. It is intended to completely redesign the combat experience while still remaining modest. Recipes: Bladesmithing The AGE System Upgrade Collectibles Ores & Chunks Relic Dungeons & Sealed Logia Mobs Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Drop the AltriaCraft .zip into the mods folder in .minecraft For

AltriaCraft Mod

AltriaCraft may be the spiritual successor to my quasi-famous Swords+. It really is designed to completely redesign the fight experience while still staying modest.

Tested recipes:


Display Spoiler Your Very first Sword

Every aspiring adventurer is required a sword to safeguard himself (or herself) from the hordes of monsters that infest the shadows of Minecraftia. Though, unless youre luckily enough to set feet into the planet with a coffer of riches, youre not really going have a lot more accessible to you when compared to a fragile Wooden Blade . At the minimum, it is possible to craft them cheaply anyplace anytime.

Durability: 145
Attack Energy:


A wood sword just wont lower it for long. Therefore, as soon as youve amassed a good bit of assets, its time to obtain smithing!

First, youll have to craft yourself a Bladesmithy:

Before you make use of a Bladesmithy, you will need a couple of things: atmosphere above the block and fire beside it. In the end, you cant work metallic without usage of the working surface plus some heat to help make the steel malleable. Though optional, its suggested that you create some type of enclosure. Or you will be tacky. Its your decision.

Heres a color-coded break-down of the Bladesmithy GUI:

Red boxes will be the components for the hilt.

Blue box may be the hilt hold dye. Basically, place among the 16 dyes in this slot as well as your sword could have a hilt grasp of this color. You cant location a non-dye in this slot. Nor is it possible to create a sword having an empty dye slot.

Green boxes will be the components for the blade.

Yellow box may be the gasoline additive slot. More with this below.

The written text box at the very top, when ultimately implemented, will help you to custom title your sword from the get-go.

Therefore, whats all open to make? Youve got 5 choices:

Please note which you can use the 16 dyes, which includes Bone Dinner. Dyes shown are simply personal choices of the mod creator.

Iron Advantage
Sturdiness: 435
Attack Strength:

Gold Blade
Toughness: 215
Attack Energy:

Silver Blade
Strength: 250
Attack Strength:
Note: Silver can be acquired as an ingot inside AltriaCraft but will not generate on earth. However, because of the Forge Ore Dictionary, it is possible to alternative silver ingots from various other mods such as for example IndustrialCraft 2 . When AC Silver Ore is applied, it could be disabled in the config for all those wanting to restriction ore redundancy.

Goddess Advantage
Longevity: 435
Attack Energy:
Take note: Identical stats to Iron Advantage because later variations of the mod implement form/strength upgrades and both of these sister swords have completely different update branches.

Gemstone Blade
Resilience: 450
Attack Strength:

Weapon Quality

Keep in mind the coal-outlined slot in the Bladesmithy? That is for the Weapon Quality program. All swords in AltriaCraft could be one of five various grades:

Low, Mid, Large, Super, or Ideal.

In another update, grade determines just how much a sword could be upgraded so constantly aim for the best you may make. Heres an ongoing fuel-breakdown:

Lower: (no gas)
Mid: Coal, Charcoal
Great: Blaze Rods
Super: ???
Perfect: ???

You can view the standard of a sword by hovering your computer mouse over it in your stock.

THIS System

Present Spoiler AltriaCraft provides a fresh currency to the overall game by means of a power called AGE. Age group will undoubtedly be used in another update for a number of things.

To obtain AGE, you very first must craft yourself an Awakening Gem

Maintain this gem on your own person and move slaughter some hostile mobs. Become warned, though, that the quantity of Age group you earn is completely influenced by how powerful you're within an inverse ratio. Generally, the higher your weapon and armor, the less Age group you earn. In addition, the deadlier the mob you encounter, the more its worthy of.

Some hostile mobs usually do not provide Age group. These mobs are usually: angry wolves, slimes, magma cubes, witches, and the ender dragon.

As you get more AGE, you might see your Awakening Gem modification forms. This can be a great way to brag about how exactly many mobs you eliminate.

Update Collectibles

Display Spoiler Once you earn AGE factors killing specific mobs, theres the opportunity you might get an extremely rare fall. These drops are update collectibles. In another update, you may use them to completely upgrade areas of your swords:

From remaining to right, they're:

Carbide Ingot Upgrades toughness
Aurichalsem Ingot Upgrades an element linked to enchantments
Ao Feather Upgrades another aspect linked to enchantments
Moissanite Shard Upgrades strike power

Gleam 5th collectible, Coral Quartz nonetheless it is not accessible in Survival at this stage in time.

You will need 6 of anybody collectible to improve a weapon stat.

Ores & Chunks

Present Spoiler AltriaCraft provides a handful of brand-new ores to the overall game:

From still left to right, they're:

Silver Ore
This ore could be mined to obtain silver chunks, which may be smelted to obtain silver ingots. Silver ingots could be compressed into blocks like some other metals.

Crystal Ore
This ore could be mined to obtain Ezralite Crystals, which is useful in the foreseeable future alkahestry updates of the mod.

Tauvelite Ore
This ore could be mined to obtain Tauvelite Dust, which is used in another update for repairing your tools.

Hydrolute Ore
This ore could be mined to obtain Hydrolute Briquettes, which are employed in the Blade Works to create Super grade weapons. End up being advised, however, that ore is only within the Nether and contains penchant to explode! Making use of Silk Contact will negate the explosion but yields minimum amount drops. You cannot find the ore block itself in survival.

Ore Chunks
AltriaCraft revises how metallic ores function. Iron, Gold, and Silver fall chunks that must definitely be smelted to obtain ingots. The chance to getting several chunk per block will be low however the chance will increase relatively with Fortune.

Relic Dungeons & Sealed Logia

Display Spoiler Hidden through the entire Minecraft world, you will find a new kind of dungeon known as Relic Dungeons:

(That one occurred to intersect a mineshaft~ )

Seated atop the main pedestal is really a Sealed Logia. In another update, it is possible to unlock these and acquire awesome goodies!

Be skeptical, though, as dungeons are usually guarded by effective mobs!


Present Spoiler Relic Guardians
Three various kinds of mobs are available guarding Sealed Logia in Relic Dungeons:

Cube Mind

Gemini Spider

Zombie Golem

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Fall the AltriaCraft .zip in to the mods folder inside .minecraft

For 1.5.2/1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.5


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