The AlcheMine Mod introduces a different approach to alchemy. Who says you need all those big fancy machines and special super rare items to accomplish big feats of magic? Not here! All you need is a crafting bench, the right items and a little speck of magic… specifically found right here! Features: Magic 101 Inscription

AlcheMine Mod

The AlcheMine Mod introduces another method of alchemy. Who states you need those big fancy devices and special super uncommon items to accomplish huge feats of magic? Not really here! All you have to is really a crafting bench, the proper items and just a little speck of magic particularly found the following!


Miracle 101

Present Spoiler Before getting started off with alchemy, youll require a few things

Hermetic Ore and Ash
Nobody ever acccomplished good feats of miracle without getting a tiny bit dirty. As you search through the earth for sources, youre likely to stumbled upon a unusual vein of whitened ore. That is Hermetic Ore, and youll want an iron pick out to seek out the ash it includes. Hermetic Ash is really a speck of materialized magic, trapped in stone way back when. Its not tough to get, but youll need a lot to begin with with alchemy.

Hermetic Ash alone is powerful, but directionless and unstable. To provide it shape, well require a crafting bench, therefore head back home when you have good enough ash to start out making runes. By installation of the ash in particular patterns (see below), it is possible to give it type and use. You can find currently 8 identified runic symbols you may make, and youll want several of each to start out making some magic. After you have some runes composed, two unique methods to practice become accessible to you.


Display Spoiler The Artwork of Inscription may be the even more restrictive, but easier accessed approach to practicing magic. With some runes readily available, you can now mix them into pairs (alongside some paper) and create a assortment of magic spells. Initially, you wont know very well what these scrolls perform, but after with them, their brands (and effects) can be apparent. Some scrolls enable you to manipulate the cycles of sunlight and moon. Others enables you to reveal concealed ores in apparently common stone. Others nevertheless will grant you a number of brief, potent effects. Just how many is it possible to discover?

Remember, not all you conjure up will undoubtedly be sunshine and unicorns. Some scrolls could cause rather unhealthy unwanted effects, and if mis-utilized, may lead to disaster. Be mindful when casting like unpredictable magic.

Study & Alchemy

Present Spoiler Needless to say, the more effective solution to make use of your new-found magic would be to transform issue into new assets. These magical studies tend to be more costly, but are more open with regards to use and potential worth. Lets begin

Alchemists Laptop

As students of Alchemical Arts, it could benefit you to execute a little studying prior to going trying to turn items into gold. Youll require a reserve and one of every type of rune to create yourself a special guide: the Alchemists Laptop. This publication catalogs all the information youve taken concerning the planet around you, and works as the right path of determining precisely how competent you're with alchemy.

When you have the Laptop, youll see its rather empty, initially. Naturally; you didnt anticipate a fully detailed reserve of alchemical theories to simply appear out of nothing, do you? Nope, youll need to actually action outside your house and do some learning. Take your guide and utilize it on the nearest block to take down notes on it. Youll view it begin to fill up with the information youve gathered on that block. Consider heed that as soon as youve taken take note of a block, youll have got exhausted everything you can study from it, and will need to go searching for fresh blocks to review. Of course, this applies to items that arent always blocks aswell: torches, indications, tracks, fences, trees, plant life, ores, whatever you can find could be noted.

As your knowledge of the planet around you boosts, your ability with alchemy will observe suit, and finally, youll unlock new methods to change the products you own into something entirely various. At first, everything you can accomplish will undoubtedly be trivial and little, but as you research, youll have the ability to perform conversions you couldnt before.

Alchemical Tomes

By merging a book with particular runes, youll have the ability to create tomes, which permit a number of magical results with the items you own. Each Tome offers various changes when found in the crafting area, and as you improvement in your alchemical research, your capacity to improve items will broaden.

Tome of Transmutation
This tome allows its user to execute a number of conversions with many objects. Initially, everything you can re-shape will undoubtedly be simple, but comprehensive study will help you to bend more complex and rare issue as you enhance.

Tome of Repair
Using this particular tome will help you to restore products to a certain degree of durability, directly proportionate in order to how advanced your understanding of alchemy is. Needless to say, it might also weaken more powerful tools, so be mindful in deploying it at lower ranges.

Tome of Compaction
The branch of transmutation generally reserved for even more accomplished alchemists, this tome enables you to compress sets of items right into a single brand-new object. Resource pricey, but useful if used correctly. (Note: Compaction transmutations need 8 of every object to function in the crafting room.)

Tome of Enrichment
This tome allows an individual to market lush growth and richness in a number of objects. It will enable you to enrich the ores you discover while mining, enabling you to increase their worth.

Tome of Extraction
An extremely potent tome for individuals who favor mining. By using this tome with any block which has ores accessible in it will permit you to extract doubly many resources as a result.

Tome of Enhancement
Depending on your degree of achemical information and the item getting transmuted, this tome will provide you with the opportunity to improve base components to new and improved states. Note that when working with this with armor and equipment, the object should end up being at its peak toughness to boost it.

Tome of Duplication
An extremely powerful branch of miracle, this tome is reserved for just probably the most skilled of alchemists, anyone who has taken probably the most thorough and complete notes in the material world, however the effort is really worth the prize. Putting this tome with any item will help you to defy alchemy regulation and double everything you offer, successfully creating something from the ground upwards.

Transmutation Guideline: If youre having difficulty determining when youll have the ability to perform magic with specific items, the guideline bellow supplies a comprehensive set of available transmutations, along with what level they turn out to be unlocked. Its suggested you attempt figuring them out on your own first, but in the event you want help, this list ought to be a useful reference.

Set of AlcheMine Spells


Display Spoiler (10)
Wool -> Feather
Feather -> Leather
Leather -> Wool
Raw Beef -> Raw Poultry
Raw Chicken -> Raw Seafood
Raw Fish -> Natural Beef
Dandelion Rose gong11deng Bucket of Milk -> Bucket of Drinking water gong2deng gong0deng (15) gong11deng Slimeball -> Snowball gong11deng Bucket of Lava -> Bucket of Milk gong2deng gong0deng (20) gong11deng Pumpkin Seeds -> Seeds
Red Mushroom Dark brown Mushroom gong11deng Apple company -> Wheat gong2deng gong0deng (25) gong11deng Melon -> Apple company gong2deng gong0deng (30) gong11deng Wheat -> Melon gong11deng Bucket of Drinking water -> Bucket of Lava gong11deng Netherwart -> Melon Seeds gong11deng Melon Seeds -> Pumpkin Seeds

Potato Carrot
Melon Pumpkin
Nether Brick -> Brick

Seeds -> Netherwart
Iron Ingot -> Gold Ingot
Glowstone Dust -> Redstone Dirt
Snowball -> Slimeball

Gold Ingot -> Iron Ingot
Blaze Powder -> Gunpowder

Brick -> Nether Brick

Gunpowder -> Blaze Powder

Gemstone Emerald

Dropper Dispenser


Present Spoiler (30)
8 Gravel -> 3 Flint

8 Clay -> 3 Bricks

8 Snowballs -> Ice Block
8 Brown Mushroom -> Brown Mushroom Block
8 Red Mushroom -> Red Mushroom Block

8 Netherrack -> 4 Nether Brick

8 Cobblestone -> Obsidian
8 Gunpowder -> 2 Fireball Charges

8 Coal -> Diamond

8 Blaze Powder -> 2 Blaze Rods

8 Nether Quartz -> Nether Star


Display Spoiler (15)
Seeds -> Wheat

Sapling (Any) -> 8 Wooden Logs

Bone -> Raw Poultry
Rotten Flesh -> Natural Beef
Rock -> Coal Ore

Melon Seeds -> Melon
Pumpkin Seeds -> Pumpkin

Coal Ore -> Lapis Ore

Lapis Ore -> Redstone Ore

Redstone Ore -> Emerald Ore

Iron Ore -> Gold Ore

Gold Ore -> Gemstone Ore


Present Spoiler (100)
Unlocks duplication for several items


Display Spoiler -Returns device with durability straight proportional to present Alchemy Degree
Durability = Alchemy Degree x 16


Present Spoiler (20)
Wooden Tools -> Stone Equipment

Cocoa Beans -> Cookie

Buckskin Armor -> Iron Armor

Bucket of Milk -> Cake
Stone Tools -> Iron Equipment

Iron Armor -> Gold Armor

Sand -> Soul Sand

Gemstone -> Ender Pearl
Nether Quartz -> Ghast Tear

Glowstone Block -> Redstone Lamp
Apple -> Golden Apple company

Chest -> Ender Upper body

Gold Armor -> Gemstone Armor
Stay -> Blaze Rod

Iron Tools -> Diamond Equipment


Display Spoiler (20)
Coal Ore -> 2 Coal

Lapis Ore -> 8 Lapis Lazuli
Iron Ore -> 2 Iron Ingots

Redstone Ore -> 8 Redstone

Nether Quartz Ore -> 2 Nether Quartz
Gold Ore -> 2 Gold Ingots

Gemstone Ore -> 2 Diamonds
Emerald Ore -> 2 Emeralds


Present Spoiler

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download AlcheMine Mod
  • Put AlcheMine Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done



  • Rune recipes transformed, Eihwaz and Kenaz no more duplicate Fehu and Ansuz dishes
  • Analysis Handler updated; quality recipes should no more be recreated if currently unlocked
  • World Era tweaked

For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1



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