Items: Alchemy Recipes:Mod Review:Download Links This mod adds a balanced form of alchemy to Minecraft. This mod crams an absurd amount of functionality into powerful items called reactants. The mod is designed to have as vanilla a feel as alchemy can possibly have. Using the mod, you can convert those stacks upon stacks of useless

Alchemical Reactions Mod

This mod adds a balanced type of alchemy to Minecraft. This mod crams an absurd quantity of functionality into effective items known as reactants. The mod is made to have got as vanilla a experience as alchemy may possibly have. Utilizing the mod, you can transfer those stacks upon stacks of worthless cobble into almost everything from the vanilla sport! Item IDs for everything and result level of the Arcanum and Solum Reactant dishes are configurable.

Alchemical Reactions Mod


Arcanum Shard:

An Arcanum Shard is essential for the development of Arcanum Reactant. It really is crafted with an individual ender pearl in a crafting desk. Future versions will demand four solum reactant encircling an ender pearl.

Alchemical Reactions Mod

Arcanum Reactant:

Arcanum Reactant can alchemize what to an increased tier within the Minerals, Mob Drops, and Vegetation alchemy trees. It really is crafted by encircling an Arcanum Shard with four gold nuggets.

Alchemical Reactions Mod

Small Arcanum Reactant:

Minor Reactant may be the lesser type of the Arcanum Reactant. It really is used to switch equivalent products within the Minerals, Mob Drops, and Plant life trees. It really is crafted with an individual Arcanum Reactant.

Alchemical Reactions Mod

Solum Reactant:

Solum Reactant performs an identical functionality to the Arcanum Reactant. It could alchemize items to an increased tier solely within the Blocks alchemy tree. It really is designed with a grime and a gold nugget.

Alchemical Reactions Mod

Small Solum Reactant:

Small Solum Reactant may be the lesser type of the Solum Reactant. It really is crafted with an individual Solum Reactant.

Alchemical Reactions Mod

Alchemized Bedrock:

Alchemized Bedrock may be the top tier product in the blocks alchemy tree. I needed to create Bedrock the very best tier, but I furthermore didnt desire to be presenting an unbreakable developing material. Alchemized Bedrock may be the ultimate building materials for the semi-vanilla individual player video game because its blast opposition is insane (5 periods that of obsidian!), also it breaks quicker than Obsidian, rendering it more forgiving in the event that you create a mistake while developing. Requires a gemstone pickaxe or easier to mine it as soon as placed (Mining Level 3). Dont worry, normal worldgen bedrock stays exactly the same. It is designed with a solum reactant and either two finish rock or two obsidian.

Alchemical Reactions Mod

Alchemy Tested recipes:

Mod Evaluation:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one
  • Benefit from the mod


Present Spoiler

Fixes several errors in the plant life alchemy tree.

Fixes a syntax mistake that produced Primum Reactants uncraftable.��Woops.

Additional Incendium Shard + Reactant. (Acts such as a furnace for vanilla smelting quality recipes)
Additional Pulverum Shard + Reactant.
Additional Pulverum Ores for configurable ore multiplication.
Additional Primum Shard + Reactant.
Added Primal Issue and mineral infused Primal Issue, the essence that the world is made.��Or so I could have you believe.

Additional Arcanum Shard.
Alchemical Reactant renamed to Arcanum Reactant.
Small Reactant renamed to Small Arcanum Reactant.
New crafting recipe for Arcanum Reactant.
Itemstack overflow glitch from recipe outputting 128 reactant fixed.
Additional Solum Reactant.
Added Small Solum Reactant.
Added construction for Solum Reactant recipe result.
Blocks tree now utilizes Solum Reactant and Small Solum Reactant just as the other trees make use of Arcanum and Small Arcanum Reactant.

Initial Release




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