BlocksItemsDownload Links Advanced Thaumaturgy has become a sort of “Extra Utilities” for Thaumcraft. The main points of Advanced Thaumaturgy are the Mercurial Wand rod and it’s upgrade crystals. It is a rod whose capacity ranges from 500-1000, depending on which Thaumcraft addons you have installed.  It, like any other wand rod, can accept essentially any cap,

Advanced Thaumaturgy Mod

Advanced Thaumaturgy has turned into a sort of More Utilities for Thaumcraft. The primary factors of Advanced Thaumaturgy will be the Mercurial Wand rod and its own upgrade crystals. This is a rod whose capability ranges from 500-1000, based on which Thaumcraft addons you have got installed.��It, like any wand rod, may accept essentially any kind of cap, but its fascinating feature is that it's upgradable with a number of different forms of upgrade crystals, which range from vis recharge to infusion stabilization (without requiring 200 candles littering your altar).��This can lead to a significantly powerful wand that includes the features of several regular wands.


  • Fertilizer : Working similar to a lamp of development, the fertilizer keeps an extremely large section of farmland watered without needing a drinking water source nearby, and in addition randomly fertilizes most vegetation in its region.��It also causes plant life that dont normally personal spread to take action (mushrooms, blossoms, lily pads).
  • Node Modifer :��Allows one to manipulate a jarred aura node in many ways, from rescuing a fading or pale setting, to cultivating a starving node for sinister and devious reasons.
  • Essentia Motor :��Accepts some forms of essentia via pipes and converts it into Buildcraft Power at an output price of 10eu/t.��Future assistance for RF, perhaps other forms of power.
  • Ethereal Jar :��With the arrival of several mods (AT getting the initial) that require huge amounts of essentia for infusions, the Ethereal Jar offers a more compact storage choice for essentia without very crossing the ridiculously stupid capability of additional mods.
  • Microlith :��Derived from the substantial obellisks observed in some worlds, also to a lesser level, in the Overworld, the Microlith is really a foundation that, when affixed with a particular crystal, performs an array of functions, comparable to the Seals earlier obtainable in Thaumcraft 2/3.
  • Altar Deployer (Creative Just) A block that, when put into the planet and activated with a wand, creates an infusion altar, filled with 12 pedestals and a 8�8 level of candles buried beneath the altar for balance.


  • Mercurial Rod :��Offers a wand rod with a capability of 500-1000 vis.
  • Mercurial Wand :��Any wand which utilizes the Mercurial Primary as its bottom; upgradable with various kinds of crystals.
  • Arcane Crystal :��The schedule for the Mercurial Wand upgrades and also the crystals for the Microlith.
  • Oculus Solis (no consistency):��A bauble that delivers ambient lighting round the player.
  • Sash of Altivolus (no consistency):��A bauble that replaces the efficiency of the Thaumostatic Harness, providing the opportunity to fly without needing continuous jar swapping.��Very expensive to create, but will pay for itself over time by reducing drop deaths from not watching potentia levels, along with decreasing aggravation inherent in the unequip, open, get rid of, replace, and re-equip procedure associated with the Harness.
  • Endstone Chunk :��A simple, unfired glob of endstone, shard, and emerald essence.��Used to straight generate Arcane Crystals.
  • Concentrate: Void Cage (WIP, no recipe):��Allows one to cage a mob in a wallet void for transportation.
  • Aerosphere (WIP, no recipe): Something that, while kept, creates a somewhat lit bubble of atmosphere around you, enabling you to safely stroll along the ocean flooring (or under any liquid).

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download and install Thaumcraft Mod .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.7.2




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