Contents and Recipes:Mod Spotlight:Download Links Adaline RPG is an adventure/rpg type of mod. With the addition of powerful items, warriors that fight by your side and the elusive dark matter, you can take on new enemies and bosses. Contents and Recipes: Warriors: Warriors are soldiers that are tameable if given gold. They will follow you

Adaline RPG Mod

Adaline RPG can be an adventure/rpg kind of mod. By adding powerful products, warriors that fight with you and the elusive darkish matter, you can undertake brand-new enemies and bosses.

Contents and Tested recipes:


Warriors are usually soldiers which are tameable if provided gold. They'll follow you around and defend you. In the event that you toss armor and weapons within their direction, they will immediately equip them.

Adaline RPG Mod

Ghosts and the Reserve of Apparitions:

Ghosts are usually hostile mobs that spawn during the night. When defeated, they fall Soul Essence. Soul Essence coupled with an enchanted guide will provide you with The Guide of Apparitions. This publication creates Spectres which ruin close by hostile mobs. Just consider the ground and utilize the right mouse key. You'll hear strange sounds and see shadows, after that nearby mobs will quickly die. Spectres cannot survive daylight.

Adaline RPG Mod

The Continuum Beast:

The Continuum Beast is really a boss with 300 HP. It is extremely fast and effective but doesn't have a ranged assault. It really is spawned with a craftable product just like the additional bosses. When defeated, it'll drop Time Essence, that is utilized to craft the Clockwork Rifle.

Adaline RPG Mod

Period Essence and the Clockwork Rifle:

Period Essence is acquired by defeating the Continuum Beast. It really is utilized to craft Clockwork Gears which are usually part of the Clockwork Rifle. The Clockwork Rifle is really a effective magic gun. The ammunition for the rifle can be an product known as the Continuum Round. It really is designed with Darkmatter and Redstone Dirt.


The bosses in Adaline are spawned into the planet with crafted items which function like spawn eggs. The dishes for those products are below the images of the mobs. The 1st time you strike a boss after spawning it, it'll teleport to a random location within view of the ball player.

The ArachniGhast:

The ArachniGhast is really a effective boss mob. This is a huge six legged beast with 300 hit points. Additionally it is immune to fire and can launch huge exploding fireballs at you in fast succession. When defeated it'll drop the dark matter employees or a issue generator. The ArachniGhast can only just be spawned utilizing the Summon ArachniGhast product.

Adaline RPG Mod

Dark Satyr and Center Miracle:

The Black Satyr is an extremely harmful mob that spawns during the night. You'll hear him roaring when he makes use of fire magic to assault you. If you eliminate him, he drops hearts which are accustomed to make the center Pendant. A magic product that immediately heals you. The center pendant is used just as because the Flame Hawk Pendant and the Lightning Pendant.

Adaline RPG Mod

The Lightning King:

The Lightning King is really a boss mob spawned with the Summon Lightning King product. He will start spawning an army of zombies and skeletons if he views you. In the event that you hear thunder, you have already been spotted and he could be summoning his helpers. The Light King is quite powerful and contains 300 hit points. Invest the him down, he'll drop either a huge anti sword or perhaps a reserve of lightning.

Adaline RPG Mod

Flame Hawk and Publication of Fire:

The flame hawk is really a bird within the jungle during the night. When killed, it drops flame hawk feathers. Surround an enchanted guide with one of these feathers in the crafting desk and you will obtain the publication of fire. A robust magic weapon. To utilize the reserve of fire, keep down the proper mouse switch and you will listen to a dragon growl. Wait around a short time, release and a fireball will shoot out directly before you.

Flame Hawk Pendant:

The flame hawk pendant is really a magic item. It really is designed with string and fire feathers gathered from Flame Hawks. If you are using the proper mouse button, it'll offer you a short boost of rate and jumping capability.

Lightning Miracle:

Lightning magic comes from shards which you manage mining lightning ore. They are used to help make the lightning pendant which offers fire resistance for 20s once you right click on with it in your hands. The lightning book can be used by keeping down the proper mouse key with it in your hands. You'll hear the Ender Dragon growling. Following a moment, release and a lightning bolt will hit down before you to strike your enemy.

Lightning Armor and Sword:

The lightning armor and sword have become powerful however, not very durable. They're crafted in the most common fashion, making use of lightning shards. The Lightning Sword utilizes an iron rod for the deal with which is crafted making use of 3 iron ingots.

Dark Issue:

Dark matter can be an product acquired by killing issue spiders or issue zombies. It is also created with the problem generator.

Issue Generator:

The problem generator is designed by surrounding a darkish matter personnel with anti blocks. Whenever a redstone transmission is applied, one product in the generator will undoubtedly be converted into 1 dark issue. The machine provides no GUI. You merely need to place a hopper along with it to place items in. You'll hear strange sounds if the device is working.

The Dark Matter Employees:

The darkish matter staff is really a projectile weapon that utilizes dark issue as ammunition. It includes a powerful flame/knockback impact.

Dark Issue Mobs:

The problem zombie and issue spider are stronger, quicker versions of these counterparts. They drop darkish issue when killed.

Adaline RPG Mod

Adaline RPG Mod

The Reserve of Destruction:

The Guide of Destruction is an extremely powerful magic product. It is used similar to the Publication of fire or Reserve of Lightning. It'll create substantial destruction with explosions and lights.

Summoning Wolves:

Now you can summon wolves utilizing a simple magic product crafted from Wood Rods and the Undead product. The Summon Wolf product works as being a spawn egg. It will present you with 5 bones to tame the wolf.

The Guide of Destruction:

The Publication of Destruction is an extremely powerful magic product. It is used similar to the Reserve of fire or Guide of Lightning. It'll create enormous destruction with explosions and light.

Summoning Wolves:

Now you can summon wolves utilizing a simple magic product crafted from Wood Rods and the Undead product. The Summon Wolf product works as being a spawn egg. It will give you 5 bones to tame the wolf.

Gem products:

Gem products are crafted utilizing the Gem Tool Materials. This is attained by mining Gemstone Ore. Once the ore will be mined, you'll get gem stones. Smelt the Gemstones to obtain Molten Gem. When you have Molten Gem, you need to stick it below and iron stress plate in the crafting desk. Now you should have Gem Tool Materials. The Gem Tool Materials uses all of the traditional crafting quality recipes for equipment and armor apart from the Double Sided Axe. You can even dye the Gem products glowing blue with Lapis Lazuli. By edition 1.2.8, adding Lapis Lazuli to gem items helps make them stronger.


Anti Ore could be mined and smelted to create anti ingots; which may be crafted into equipment, weapons, armor, and blocks. Anti blocks are accustomed to craft the problem generator and the huge anti sword. Anti ingots are accustomed to craft the darkish matter employees. The anti sword includes a weakening influence on enemies.

Anti products:

Adaline RPG Mod

Mod Spotlight:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.

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